Main Tera Hero

Main Tera Hero

Release Date:4th Apr, 2014

Genres: Comedy, Romance

Industry: Bollywood

Music Director:Sajid Ali

,Wajid Ali

Producer:Alpana Mishra

,Ekta Kapoor

,Shobha Kapoor

Director:David Dhawan

Plot / Story: Main Tera Hero is an upcoming Hindi romantic action-comedy film, directed by David Dhawan. The film stars Varun Dhawan, Ileana D'Cruz and Nargis Fakhri in the lead roles.The film is expected to release on 4 April 2014.It is the remake of Telugu movie Kandireega. The Official trailer of the film was released online on 23 January 2014 with presence of the main cast.

Movie Reviews

Posted on 05th Apr, 2014
Nitin MJ

Fantastic movie.


If you r a david dhawan fan then this movie is meant for you only. Typical David dhawan movie with lots of colours, comedy and chichorapanti.

A boy Srinath Prasad(Varun) lives in a small city where everybody is irritated by him. Then he decided to move to bangalore to get a degree and everyone in the city came to railway station to enjoy the moment that he is finally leaving the city.

He moved to bangalore where in his college he met sunaina(ileana) and fell in love with her at first sight. He found that she is girlfrnd of policewala gunda angad. But he dare to follow her, impress her and love her. Some fighting with angad and his chamchas followed.


In between one other girl Nargis fell in love with him. Nargis was mafia don daughter so she managed to kidnap sunaina(ileana) to get varun. This followed some david dhawan type of comedy which managed to keep a smile on your face.


Acting - Good

Direction - Good

Songs - Excellent


Overall a very good movie.

Posted on 05th Apr, 2014

You will miss GOVINDA in this movie


Typical Govinda and david dhawan type of movie. Its just you gonna miss Govinda in the movie. Varun Dhawan tried real hard to give expressions like govinda but is not upto the mark because its Govinda's natural talent and one can't do that.


But movie is good to watch . Some jokes on katrina, some old cricketers like Srinath and Prasad gives a little smile on your face.


It is a love triangle movie as the Hero is in love with Sunaina and Ayesha is in love with the Hero. This followed some masti in bangalore cool campus and finally in Bangkok. How can a love story complete without a villain. So, angad is playing a  corrupt policeman and the villain of the movie.


Movie is full of colour and some fantastic songs with excellent dance moves. But again you gonna miss Govinda for sure.


Good movie to watch this weekend.

Posted on 07th Apr, 2014
Another Disaster Of The Year !!!
People have lots of expectation from David Dhawan Movies. Specially when he is working with his son Varun Dhawan.... So like all, I too had lots of expectation from this movie. And start of the movie especially the Ooty part was good and funny. But after that I was completely puzzled where exactly the story is going. Its not at all funny, no drama, and no action at all. Angad Bedi played by Arunondhay Singh character was very confusing in first half he looks like a Psyco cop but post interval he acts like a coemdian. Now what's that? Ileana was somehow okay on her part. Nargis Fakhri, ANupam Kher and Rajpal Yadav were good i n their extended Cameo. Varun Dhawan really disapoints here with his overacting, something he copies Shahid kapoor and other time Salman Khan... No skills of his own was showed in the movie...
Acting - Bad (Overacting)
Direction - Dissapoints A Lot

Rating 3/10
Posted on 07th Apr, 2014

Fun Movie


Great movie with great comedy. Ileana and nargis are looking sexy but varun took the cake this time. Varun exposed more than the beauties.


Fun to watch the movie because you dont need to think much to understand the movie. Movie just starts and ends with a smile on your face and you will not regret spending your money and time for this. So does not matter whether you are david dhawan's fan or varun dhawan's or you don't like both of them still this movie is worth watching.


I can go and watch the movie 10 times because i am comedy lover.


Actor: 3*

Director: 4*

Songs: 5*

Comedy: 5*


Thumbs up for the movie.

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