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Launched in 2014 Filmbees.com is an entertainment web portal. Developed with a motive of giving genuine movie Rating and Reviews so that one would never watch a bad movie. Filmbees.com delivers all the content related to the movies like movie releasing date, star cast, director and producer of movie. We also tell about the upcoming movies of the industries like Bollywood. Filmbees also delivers all the content related to the celebrities like celebrity profile, biography, industry, area he/she works in, their date of birth and movies he or she featured in. Within two months of its launch we introduced celebrity news section in the website so that user gets regular updates about their favourite celebrities. Filmbees.com gives 360 degrees entertainment to the user. Along with rating and reviews we have other entertainment content as well which includes movie trailers, movie songs, celebrity gossips, celebrity wallpapers and so on.

Latest Movies: Under this section user get details about movies released in theatres this week.

Upcoming Movies: Under movie trailer section we are showing official Theatrical trailers launched by movies before its release.

Trailer & Videos:

Trailers: In gossip section visitor get to know about what their celebrities are doing nowadays and what they are saying about other celebrities. In gossip section latest interviews with the celebrities are shown. People can watch videos related to their favourite celebrities, movies etc. User gets all the information about their favourite celebrities and movies at one place.

Music Videos: Under Videos section user can watch official movie video songs.

Celebrities: Under Celebrity section visitor can check any celebrity profile to know about their background, their date of birth, their career, profession and industry they are working in.


Latest Wallpapers: Under this section user can check latest photos and wallpapers of their favourite celebrity. User can also download the same for their desktop and mobile.

Movie Poster: Under this section user can download wallpapers of their favourite movie.

Free Movie Ticket: To make the user experience more interesting we are also giving free movie tickets to the users who are participating in giving us genuine movie Reviews and Ratings. For that user need to register their account with us. Users will earn points in their account for each activity they are doing on our website and can redeem these points for FREE movie tickets. Not only on desktop or laptop user can stay updated on entertainment industry with our mobile site. Our innovative team is doing their best efforts to make the user experience more interesting and comfortable.

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