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Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed got angry at the fan! Man\'s phone snatched in anger, trolled fiercely on social media

 Feb 21,2023

    Internet sensation Urfi Javed is in media headlines these days. Sometimes Urfi is in the news for her fashion sense and sometimes for her angry and sultry style. A video of Urfi is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video, the actress was seen shaking in anger. In this viral video, Urfi was seen venting her anger

Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed was roaming in revealing clothes after going to Dubai, the police reached and then...

 Dec 20,2022

        Urfi Javed always goes out on the streets wearing colorful clothes. Urfi has also been trolled many times for this. However, Urfi does not mind this. But this act of Urfi has overshadowed him in Dubai. Urfi has once again invited trouble for wearing revealing clothes. After which his complaint has been lodged with the

Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed reached the hospital due to this disease, the doctor gave this advice

 Dec 19,2022

      Urfi Javed is the queen of social media. She often shares pictures in her off-white clothes. For this, Urfi also has to face trolling many times, but all this does not have any special effect on Urfi. Still, she continues to surprise fans with her amazing fashion. Recently, Urfi Javed posted a video on social media, in whi

Urfi Javed: Urfi Javed received death threats, shared the post and said- Three years ago this person...

 Dec 15,2022

    Urfi Javed often remains in the headlines for one reason or the other. The actress sometimes comes into the limelight for her outspoken statements and sometimes because of her unusual dress. Recently, he shared a story on his Instagram, which is becoming increasingly viral. In this story, he has told that he is constantly receivin

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